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Welcome to DSWfoto client proofing galleries!

We specialize in Weddings, Events, and Portraits. The private galleries below are just some examples of our work. You can check out more on our web site or on our blog site.

Our client galleries are password protected so only you (and those you choose) can view your pictures.

You can purchase photos directly from your gallery. The images are professionally printed on the highest quality of paper so that you can cherish the moments for years to come. Other options, such as a CD/DVD of images, albums, scrapbooks, and slideshows set to music are available upon request.

If you are interested in having us capture portraits or images of your special occasion, please contact us via e-mail or telephone at 407-459-7960.

Featured Events

Kim and Josh

Wedding of Kim and Josh

Stefanie and Vincent

Wedding of Stefanie and Vincent

Cheryl and Jon

Wedding of Cheryl and Jon

Kelly and Mike

Wedding of Kelly and Mike

Lisa and Olivier

Wedding of Lisa and Olivier

Miranda and Jeff

Wedding of Miranda and Jeff

Lisa and John

Wedding of Lisa and John

Julia and Tony

Wedding of Julia and Tony

Kimberly and Jonathan

Wedding of Kimberly and Jonathan

Melissa and Guy

Wedding of Melissa and Guy

Tierney and Ian

Wedding of Tierney and Ian

Dominique and Sam

Wedding of Dominique and Sam

Kelly and Brett

Wedding of Kelly and Brett

Heather and Brant

Wedding of Heather and Brant

Maria and Blake

Wedding of Maria and Blake

Karen and Neal

Wedding of Karen and Neal

Tiffany and Josh

Wedding of Tiffany and Josh

Julie and David

Wedding of Julie and David

LaTasha and Joshua

Wedding of LaTasha and Joshua

Shayna and Joey

Wedding of Shayna and Joey

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